Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report

About the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report 

For four years, Amway has partnered with the Technische Universität Muenchen (TUM) in Munich, Germany, an extended network of academic partners and Gesellschaft fuer Konsumforschung (GfK), one of the world’s leading market research companies, to develop this groundbreaking research. The 2016 report spans 45 markets, with in-person and telephone interviews conducted with more 50,000 men and women aged 14-99.

The seventh annual Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report (AGER) measures the public pulse of self-employment around the world. The 2016 study finds 77% of respondents have a positive attitude toward entrepreneurship. This consistently high interest in self-employment may explain the increasing importance of global trends like the gig economy – also known as the sharing economy, on-demand economy, peer-to-peer economy, freelance nation, etc. By any name, the trend of individuals seeking to work independent from an employer with greater flexibility is on the rise.

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