Amway Recognizes Scientists With Highest R&D Honor

Mar 7, 2013 12:36pm

ADA, Mich., March 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- From developing the next generation of vitamins to advancing the formulations of everyday beauty and household items, the Amway Research and Development (R&D) staff is making a notable impact on the way people live worldwide.  Now, four Amway scientific leaders are being recognized for their efforts by being inducted into the new Amway R&D Distinguished Scientific Leadership Society, achieving the division's highest possible level of technical recognition. 

The first society inductees include:

  • Ernie Brumbaugh – A pioneer in the development of new technologies, Brumbaugh has been creating innovative Amway™ products for more than four decades. He's known for his breakthrough launch of the first non-chlorinated automatic dish detergent on the market in the 1980s and his recently patented discovery that makes several cleansing products gentler on the skin. His efforts enhance the position of Amway as a leader in the home products category.
  • Amit Chandra, Ph.D. – With a strong track record of breakthrough scientific efforts advancing the NUTRILITE® brand, Chandra's technical excellence has resulted in nine patents, six published papers, 28 posters and presentations, and multiple industry awards during his time at Amway. He is well-known for his work in botanical fingerprinting that ensures consistent quality in vitamin and supplement products.
  • Tom Hamernik – Well-known for his significant contributions in the global regulatory environment on behalf of Amway, its ARTISTRY® brand, and generally in the home product category, Hamernik also has a distinguished record of leadership in industry organizations such as the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC).
  • Keith Randolph, Ph.D. – A leader of the company's nutritional efforts, Randolph has focused great effort on developing the next generation of nutritional products for the NUTRILITE brand.  He is a leader in the scientific industry, serving as the chair of multiple scientific committees and a headline speaker at many technical conferences.  

"Each of these inductees has accomplished outstanding technical achievements and exemplifies the highest standard of behavioral competencies as a mentor, collaborator and advisor," said Catherine Ehrenberger, vice president of research and development at Amway. 

The Amway R&D Distinguished Scientific Leadership Society was created to acknowledge individuals with a longstanding record of scientific and technical excellence during their Amway career. 

Inductees were nominated independently by a member of management and endorsed by the R&D executive leadership team.  The criterion for selection included demonstration of technical credibility through past awards, patents, and publications, significant impact in the areas of innovation, scientific leadership, experimentation, mentoring and collaboration, and a tenure of at least 10 years at Amway. 

About Amway Research & Development 
The Amway Research and Development (R&D) team uses the power of science to help people live better lives through innovation.  As global leaders in phytonutrient research, ethnic skin research, and water and air purification advancement, more than 900 Amway scientists, engineers and technicians excel in product development, analytical sciences and technical / regulatory affairs. At 65 R&D and quality assurance labs worldwide, Amway R&D is committed to scientific excellence that delivers premium performance in nutrition, beauty and home products.  Amway R&D scientists strive with their peers to help ensure high safety and quality standards that benefit people throughout the world.  Amway has more than 1,000 patents granted, and more than 800 patents pending. 

About Amway 
Amway is one of the world's largest direct selling businesses. Alticor Inc., parent company of Amway, reported global sales of USD$11.3 billion in 2012. Founded in 1959 by entrepreneurs Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, and based in Ada, Michigan, U.S., Amway offers consumer products and business opportunities through a network of more than 3 million distributors in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide, supported by more than 21,000 employees and a global agribusiness, manufacturing and logistics supply chain. More than 900 scientists, engineers and technical professionals work in 65 R&D and quality assurance labs worldwide to support the company's product development and create a culture of scientific excellence. Top-selling brands for Amway are NUTRILITE® vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements, ARTISTRY® skincare and colour cosmetics, and eSpring® water treatment systems. For company news, visit


For further information: Amway Public Relations: +1-616-787-7565; Clare Wade,; Nick Wasmiller,

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